Laser Cutting in Carlisle, Cumbria

Norwest Engineering is a leading specialist in laser cutting services in the UK. Our CNC laser cutting machine will cut the most complicated shapes out of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The benefits include speed, absence of tooling costs, tight tolerances and a high quality of finish.

Our CAD and CNC capability permits prototypes to be cut economically and fast, this technology also offers a cost-effective, pre-production facility. Even production runs can be viable depending on batch sizes. When longer production runs are required Norwest Engineering are fully equipped to manufacture virtually any component; the workforce is fully trained and experienced in the complex fields of sheet metal working and engineering.

  • Examples of Work
  • Materials Cut
  • Computer Aided Design

The range of materials cut by laser is considerable; some are listed below, but it is not definite. Norwest will be pleased to discuss any particular requirement and obtain samples for test cutting.

Maximum sheet size 4300mm x 2050mm
Mild Steel Boran carbide Glass fibre resin bonded
Stainless steel Tungsten carbide Silica
High speed steel ABS plastic Glass
High carbon steel Nylon 101 Quartz
Maraging steel Nylon MOS Fibre glass mat
Galvanized steel Nylon (glass reinforced) Glass reinforced resin
Tool steel PVC Rigid Ceramic tile
Nimonic 90 PVC sheet Alumina
Nimonic 75 Mylar film Card board
Monel mesh Polyethylene Paper
Spring steel Polyethylene reinforced Softwood
Tinplate Polystyrene Hardwood
Mn nickel alloy Vinyl wood panel Plywood
Nickle tungsten Vinylite Masonite
Nickel Polypropylene Polyester laminate
Nionium Dynell Engineers felt
Molybdenum Deirin
Titanium Lexan
Titanium alloy Plexiglass
Rubber Buna N Acrylic
Rubber synthetic Perspex Note: The above list is not definitive. Laser cutters can cut an even wider range of materials. Norwest will be happy to discuss any material, obtain samples and carry out test laser cutting.
Leather PTFE (Fluon)
Leather vinyl Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
Cork Cellulose acetate
Formica Acetate
Micalex Tufnol
Carbon fibre laminate Epoxy/glass

Computer Aided Design

Programming of the Laser is by a powerful CAD off-line system which is DNC linked to the laser machine. This enables us to fully exploit the machines features with no time wasting discs or paper tape.

All we require is a drawing, sketch or sample of the component and with no special tooling required we can be in production in a remarkably short time span. Our programming system gives us the ability to nest identical or different components on a single sheet, and, with the machines's capability of handling 2600mm x 1250mm sheets, we are able to process large components in one operation with resulting benefits in accuracy and cost.